Thursday, August 4, 2011

1st Trimester Musings, Narcolepsy, and Aversions

When I found out I was pregnant I was so elated but scared at the same time. I've had many many girlfriends who had really bad morning sickness throughout their entire pregnancy. I'm talking hugging the bowl worshiping the porcelain gods all day every day sick. I think I'm real lucky so far that I haven't experienced anything like that. Here were my top 3:

Fatigue (borderline narcolepsy): Yep I did go though was EXTREME fatigue. Seriously, I could sleep for 10 hours and still be tired. So for the first 3 months I was feeling like a knocked up narcoleptic. I think I might have fell asleep in between conversations with people too. Sorry if you were one of those people I spaced out/dozed off on.

Manageable Nausea: I did get nauseous if I didn't eat frequently enough. And the worst feeling ever was forcing myself to eat when all I felt like doing was hurling. I know better now and eat small meals often and always have snacks around. Yes, I've become the chick you see on the train/bus that'll whip out chips, crackers, cheese, and a small buffet outta her purse.

Food Aversions:
For those of you that know me I love Thai food. That is like my staple. I love curries and anything with a kick to it. Yeah, that went out the door the 1st week. I remember DH heating up some Thai red curry and the smell alone made me want to gag. I was so sad. Thai food was the 1st to go. Ironically, I can thrown down some dim sum, noodles and any Cantonese food like nobody's business. I was able to eat endless servings of siew-mai 'till the cows come home! Of course when I told DH this he was cackling about it. What gives? Baby why are you being so biased and only eating food from Papa's homeland, but hatin' on Mama's Thai food?!?!

My Eggo is Preggo

Actually, my eggo has been preggo for about 15 weeks now! (time flies!!) It's been really difficult to keep this just between myself, DH and a few close family members. When I found out I wanted to tell the world! I'm so glad I can finally share my joy with everyone now.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Coming Full Curcle for the New Year

These days just seem to fly by so quickly. It was like I blinked and all of the sudden it was 2010. I think the biggest problem that I have is putting things off. Oh I'll do it another day, there will always be time to do this, I can do that next weekend, etc. And in a flash an entire year has passed. My promise to myself this year is that I will see things to its completion. I will not start projects only to abandon them midway; or worse before they even started. My worst flaw is I always put off calling friends. I'm such a bad friend. I promise to be better at keeping in touch. One of my friends from back in my high school days got in touch with me, mind you a good 3 years ago and even though we've communicated here & there via email, I've been waxing and waning about actually setting up a time to meet yup with her. Here is where I turn over my leaf. I'm meeting up with her today for some coffee and conversation. It's been a long time coming, but I feel by doing this I'm starting off the New year on a good note.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fear of Vending Machines

Okay, before you jump to conclusions it's not that when I see one I turn the other way & run away screaming. It's more that I get a bit anxious when using one. Hrmm.. that sounded a bit weird too. I think I can best explain where this comes about with one of my experiences. *flashback music & squiggly blurry lines*
About 3 years ago sometime in the spring (or was it summer? Well the weather as warm) of a glorious Friday afternoon I was at work looking out my window anxious about going out to dinner with some friends I haven't seen in a while. Suddenly, I start getting error messages all over my screen. "Cannot connect to database" "Server exited with error" I was bombarded with them. I started making phone calls to find out what the problem was. Turns out we had a major hardware malfunction where of the nodes just blew out. I was beyond pissed. The project that I was working on had to be finished by tomorrow morning and the systems are down. It would take a few HOURS before they would be able to restore it. The clock was ticking away and I KNEW I'd have to cancel my plans. It was about 7pm before they were able to bring everything back and I was aggravated, and hungry. I rummaged through my purse & I had ONE dollar. I walked down to the little lunch room area to the vending machines. I popped in my only dollar and pushed the code for a bag of chips. The little coil that holds the bags of junkfood twirled and just as my bag of chips was about to fall down to the chute, it stopped. Suspended in midair (okay it wasn't midair, but I think it was caught on the coil) the damn thing taunted me. I banged on the plexiglass a bit hoping it would free my poor bag of chips, but it didn't. I was going to walk away and give up on it, but I decided to turn back to try to free it again. I looked around the room and down the hallway. No one was there, only frickin' losers who were stuck at work and had deadlines in the morning like me would be here at this hour. Arrgghhh... come on! My last frickin' dollar!!~ I lunged at the machine, threw my arms around it & tried to shake it. Nothing I did was going to free my precious bag of chips. Defeated, I let out a growl and kicked the machine & I heard a "pop" and the lights in the machine went out, OMG I think I broke it. Then I heard people coming from down the hallway. I was sooo embarrassed I ran away, I think they heard my..ermmm wrestling match. When I came back to work on Monday morning there was a piece of paper stuck on the machine that read "Out of Service". It remained that way for almost a week, and the whole the my bag of chips was still there, suspended, mocking me.
I think back on this now & chuckle a bit. I probably looked like such a lunatic wrestling machine, yeah, all 5'2" of me. So that's where my fear of using the vending machine comes from. Every time I've had to use a vending machine since then, (which was probably like 4x max) it brings bad memories, and I'm afraid that the chips, candybar whatever it was I'd pressed the code for would get stuck.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Johnny Cash where are you?

Pennsylvania Station, New York serves approximately 600,000 people each day, me being of of them. Every morning & evening through the hustle & bustle of rush hour I'm one of the those crazy people running by, weaving through the crowds rushing to my train. Despite all the craziness of Penn Station, it is one of my favorite stations in NY because of all the awesome performers there that perform daily. I wonder, do you need to go talk to someone to secure a time slot to perform there? Or do you just kinda set up shop? Out of all the performers there my favorite by far is the guy that plays the guitar & sings Johnny Cash songs. He does a really great job singing/playing the songs. When he's there performing I actually stop & listen. But I don't think I've seen him around for months. Johnny Cash where have you gone? I need my dose of "Ring of Fire" when hustling through Penn Station. Does anyone know this person's name? I wasn't even able to find a you tube video of him singing. But I did find the creepy old man & his muppets.

Am I the only one that thinks this guy is creepy?

Friday, April 11, 2008

Quote of the Day:

*instant message window pops up*

Momo: Hello, Defiler of Young Boys
Azryelle: Who me? :)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Azry's Quote of the Day

"Yeah, it's kinda like a straight line, but curved..."